White labelling is industry jargon for delivering a service or product anonymously to another company who will then resell it under their name.

I often get asked if I offer creative and art direction, graphic design, artwork and illustration services under a ‘white label’. And yes, I happily work for brands, companies and UK agencies this way. Why? Because it benefits both parties.

It’s a growing trend, certainly in the UK. Many companies and agencies here are moving away from hiring in-house designers on a paid salary. Instead, they’re hiring freelancers with bespoke skills for specific projects. This way they can meet financial restraints, tight budgets and time constraints.

Having worked in agencies in the past, I’m not surprised at this trend. Clients are more savvy with their budgets. They know that working with an agency can incur excessive and sometimes unnecessary fees. The decline in monthly retainers offered by clients to agencies is also a major factor.

Creative directors, graphic designers, copywriters, art directors, illustrators and motion designers can collaborate on the same project while still being a freelancer in their own right. As internet speeds accelerate, they don’t necessarily have to work at a desk either. Or even in the same country. For example, I’ve recently worked on a project where the client was based in Paris and the designers, project managers and writers were all based right across the UK.

If you’re an company owner, director, product or project manager and if you’d like to discuss white labelling projects with me then feel free to get in touch for a chat.