2012 seems like a lifetime ago to me. This was when I first started Edmundson Design and became a freelance graphic designer, after 20 years of being employed in design and advertising agencies.

Setting up on my own came about through personal necessity, during an extremely challenging time in my life. This was down to me having to quit my London job suddenly and relocate back to my home town in the North East of England with my young family.

Starting from scratch with no experience of running a business and without any income, client-base or our own home wasn’t easy at first. There were a few days worrying where the work would come from and the odd one spent twiddling my thumbs! I was certainly very fortunate to have two great families behind me all the way and despite a few inevitable ups and downs, for the most part it’s been amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world now.

After 5 successful years, I would just like to say thanks to all my clients, suppliers, former colleagues, friends and of course family for the generous support, introductions, encouragement, advice and ‘likes’ – I couldn’t do it without you.